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tournament starts Friday, May 27

Catch, Tag, Win!

Help us collect valuable info on Red Snapper by taking photos of your catch (via our Angler Almanac app) and tagging your releases. Tournament runs concurrent with Louisiana’s recreational red snapper season. Generally starts the Friday before Memorial Day and ends around Labor Day.

The 2022 recreational red snapper season will begin on Friday, May 27 in both state and federal waters. The season will run weekends only (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) with a daily bag limit of 3 fish per person and a 16-inch total length minimum size limit.  The open season will also include the Monday of Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. The season will remain open until recreational landings approach or reach Louisiana’s annual private recreational allocation of  809,316 pounds.

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About the Tournament


Any properly licensed recreational angler in Louisiana. You are required to have a Louisiana Basic Fishing and Saltwater Fishing Licenses and a Recreational Offshore Landing Permit.


Anglers can fish anywhere in Louisiana state waters or the Federal waters off of Louisiana during the open recreational red snapper season, click here for details.


Tournament runs concurrent with Louisiana’s recreational red snapper season. Generally starts the Friday before Memorial Day and ends around Labor Day. Check LDWF’s website for the latest season info.


Catch, Tag, Win! Help collect valuable info on Red Snapper by participating in this Tournament.


Tag returns when combined with estimates of catch and effort can be used to estimate red snapper abundance which is critical in conservation biology and building robust management programs.

Your participation will also continue the outstanding work started during the Great Red Snapper Count

How much

$35 per angler to participate, for a $100 donation you will also receive a code to select one item from the TAG Swag Shop. Funds will be utilized exclusively for tournament expenses and to advance our understanding of red snapper.


How to Enter


Registration can only be done via the TAGITLA website. Individual participants must establish an account with a valid email and/or textable phone number and provide a mailing address.

All tournament materials will be mailed or pick up arrangements can be made at the following locations: TBD.

TAG IT, TAG Louisiana & RFRI Swag will be available for sale via the TAG IT online store.

Angler Requirements

Participants will be required to have a smartphone & utilize a "sticker" ruler in every photo for a catch to be valid. (Rulers have been ordered, in the mean time pls use a ruler in the photo).

TAG IT will supply tags, tag applicator, ruler decal, & instructions.


We will accept any TAG Louisiana tags that an angler already has in their possession. Tags will be assigned to individual anglers.

Tagging & Catch Submission Rules and Requirements RP
How to use App?


TAG IT, TAG Louisiana & RFRI Swag

TAG IT, TAG Louisiana & RFRI Swag will be available for sale via the TAG IT online store.
Click here to Get it now!

How to Win

Point System

<16" 1
16” to <24" 5
>24” to 27" 10
>27" 20

Bonus Points:

Fish Tagged 5

Descending Device 5

Get your free descending device at Return ’Em Right

1. Top 3 anglers based on points

2. Categories: Overall, men, women and youth (under 16)

3. Divisions: Individual Private Recreational Anglers & Charter Customers

4. If fish that are tagged are recaptured, tagging angler will receive recapture info and recapturing angler will also receive data about the original capture.

How to Tag

Tournament Rules


  1. It is the responsibility of all participants in the TAG IT Tournament to read, understand, and comply with all of the tournament rules and requirements. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT US TAB
  2. This tournament is for Red Snapper only landed in the state of Louisiana during the open recreational season.
  3. All catches must comply with all requirements set forth by TAG IT regarding fishing rules, photo rules, & submission requirements in order to be considered a valid catch and have points awarded.
  4. It is the responsibility of the participants to adhere to LDWF recreational fishing regulations while fishing.
    Red Snapper Info Sheet
  5. Unsportsmanlike conduct before, during and after the event can result in disqualification and being banned from future TAG IT events. Disputes or grievances will be handled with TAG IT in private.
  6. All rules and requirements are subject to change during the tournament. Any rules and or requirements changed will be communicated to individuals. It is understood that a catch prior to an update of these rules is exempt.

    TAG IT is part of a non-profit entity (RFRI). 

Louisiana Fisheries Pioneer 

Louisiana Fisheries Pioneer

On Valentine's Day 2018, Louisiana’s saltwater fishermen lost one of the best friends they ever could have had when Maumus "Timau" Claverie passed away.

Timau was saving fish long before saving fish was cool. He got his start in fisheries management in the mid-70s when he saw a problem with foreign longliner boats catching lots of yellowfin tuna and billfish, and Timau knew this had to stop or we could lose our billfish stocks close to home. It was his dedication and untiring efforts that lead to legislation stopping foreign longliners from operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Timau moved on to be one of the founders of Save our Specks. He was one of the founding members of CCA Louisiana in 1983. Timau knew more about fisheries management than most, and served in many areas of CCA, including chaire of their science committee and on the national board of directors. Timau gave thousands upon thousands of hours of his time to save the fish: He took time away from his family, his law practice and even fishing to save and protect our marine fisheries resources.

Timau served four terms on the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, including being chairman for one year, and was a longtime member of the board of trustees for the International Gamefish Association, the Billfish Foundation, and the International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tunas. Timau made many trips to both the state and nation’s capital to testify on fisheries conservation issues. When Timau spoke, people listened because he always based his comments on sound science and facts - not emotion.

We lost a giant in fisheries management. He was the best friend that speckled trout, redfish, billfish and tuna ever had in Louisiana. Timau came up with the idea for the speckled trout and redfish tagging program, and is the man that put together all the tagging kits, made the tag sticks, entered the information of tagged fish and then logged the recapture information via computer. Timau knew how critical this information would be for fisheries management and put in thousands of hours for the program.

For all of Timau's hard work and dedication to fisheries management for more than 30 years, he was inducted into the Louisiana CCA Hall of Fame.

Maumus "Timau" Claverie
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